C245 Homework 1

Due 1/28/05

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  1. Go to the engineering library and find as many MEMS-related journals as you can.
    1. Pick two different journals, and flip through several issue of each.  What can you say about the style and content of the two journals? 
    2. Find the bound back-issues in the stacks.  What MEMS conference proceedings are stored near the JMEMS bound journals?
  2. Find at least five different types of MEMS or MEMS-related products on the web.  Suggestions:
Paste the URLs here:
  1. Go to the SIMPLer web page and
    1. click on "start applet now"
    2. choose the process "NMOS transistor" and press start.
    3. Move the slider until you are on step number 1, and press "calculate cross-section"
    4. Move the slider forward one step at a time, and after each step press "calculate cross-section".
    5. Choose different cross-sections by clicking on the border of the layout area.

    6. How thick is the second oxide, and how many holes get punched through it in step 7?
    7. Try to replicate the cross-section shown here.  What will happen if the oxide is etched in this figure?


(Kris Pister)