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Kim, M.-S.: Flexible Micro-supercapacitors from Photoresist-derived Carbon Electrodes on Flexible Substrates

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Status of publicationFinal
Date and Time of RegistrationThu 2013-Dec-12 09:04:46
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1. AuthorKim, M.-S.
2. AuthorKim, M.-S.
3. AuthorHsia B.
4. AuthorCarraro, C.
5. AuthorMaboudian, R.
Type of PublicationConference
KeywordsSupercapacitor, Flexible, Photoresist
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AbstractThis paper reports a simple and scalable technique for the fabrication of flexible
micro-supercapacitors. The supercapacitor electrodes are synthesized via the
pyrolysis of patterned photoresist on a SiO2/Si substrate. The electrodes can then
be moved to flexible substrates through a simple transfer process. The fabricated
devices show excellent energy density of 0.3 mJ/cm2, maximum power density of 5
mW/cm2, and good performance under electrochemical cycling. The electrochemical
performance is maintained after 300 mechanical bending cycles.
LastupdateThu 2013-Dec-12 09:04:46
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