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Fall 2016 IAB & Research Review
September 28-29, UC Berkeley, CA

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Wednesday September 28 - Faculty Research Overview & Tutorial

[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. David A. Horsley, Tutorial: Ultrasonic Transducers in Consumer Electronics (6.27 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Wei Gao, Wearable Sweat Biosensors (23.77 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatMing C. Wu Lab Overview (9.15 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatRichard M. White Lab Research Overview (1.08 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatKris Pister Lab Overview (2.28 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatClark T.-C. Nguyen Lab Research Overview (6.76 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatMichel M. Maharbiz Lab Research Overview (2.07 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatRoya Maboudian Lab Research Overview (7.05 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatLiwei Lin Lab Research Overview (811.15 KB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDorian Liepmann Lab Research Overview (2.88 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatAli Javey Lab Research Overview (3.97 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDavid A. Horsley Lab Research Overview (1.77 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatBernhard E. Boser Lab Research Overview (1.39 MB)

Thursday September 29 - Research Review Posters & Plenary

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[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Mike Cable - Open Session (1.34 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 1: Dr. Sinem Ortaboy - Functionalized Silicon Nanowires as High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes (7.85 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 2: Dr. Kiana Aran Graphene Biosensors: From Functionalization to Sensing (1.24 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 3: Joy (Xiaoyue) Jiang - PMUTs for Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors (2.58 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 4: Seth Fortuna - Antenna-enhanced LEDs for High Speed Optical Communication (3.05 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 5: Dr. Jeronimo Segovia-Fernandez - Towards a Sub-microwatt Microphone for Signal Detection (1.09 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 6: Caiwei Shen - Supercapacitor Fabrics (5.78 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 7: Ruonan Liu - RF-Powered Micromechanical Clock Generator (5.75 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 8: Burak Eminoglu - FM Gyroscope (2.59 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 9: Dr. Hossain Mohammad Fahad - CS-FET: Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (2.25 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 10: Brad Wheeler - Micro-Power Radios for The Single-Chip Mote (1.09 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatPlenary 11: David Piech - Highly Integrated, Compact Wearable Ultrasound System for Chronic Biosensing (849.79 KB)


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