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Spring 2014 IAB & Research Review
March 5-6, UC Berkeley, CA

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Wednesday March 5 - Research Review Posters & Plenary

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Current Active Projects

[video - bytes]   PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Open Research Review (2.64 MB)
[video - 61.95 MB]   PDF FormatShao Ning Pei, Single-Cell Culture and Analysis on a Optoelectronic Tweezers Platform (2.76 MB)
[video - 70.07 MB]   PDF FormatDaniel Drew, Toward MEMS Ionocraft (6.93 MB)
[video - 68.17 MB]   PDF FormatMo Li, Reducing the offset of Lorentz force magnetic sensors via current chopping (2.87 MB)
[video - 60.17 MB]   PDF FormatKisik Koh, Magnetic Nanocomposites for On-chip RF Inductors (5.89 MB)
[video - 53.61 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Jun Ho Son, Microfluidic Blood Plasma Separation for Point-of-Care Diagnostics (4.67 MB)
[video - 41.83 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Jacobo Paredes, Functional Plastic Microstructures Fab'd with Electroplating and Hot Embossing (6.72 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Mitchell Kline, Low Power FM Gyroscopes (3.71 MB)
[video - 62.9 MB]   PDF FormatYipeng Lu, High Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (PMUT) Array (2.45 MB)
[video - 71.94 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Tristan Rocheleau, Micromechanical Frequency Divider (5.46 MB)
[video - 66.32 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Corsin Battaglia, Carrier selective oxide contacts for photovoltaics and nanoelectronics. (2.81 MB)
[video - 66.8 MB]   PDF FormatMehmet Akgul, High Rejection True RF Channel-Select Filter (6.9 MB)
[video - 84.56 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Maysamreza Chamanzar, Ultra-compact High-density Neural Optrodes for Brain Activity Mapping (8.52 MB)

Thursday March 6 - BSAC Technology Workshop: Frontiers in Photonics

[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Ming C. Wu, Silicon Photonic MEMS and Micro LIDAR (11.99 MB)
[video - 150.01 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Clark T.-C. Nguyen, Q-Boosted Optomechanical Oscillators (7.43 MB)
[video - 158.39 MB]   PDF FormatDr. John Heck Intel Corporation, Silicon Photonics: High-Speed Data and Beyond (21.04 MB)
[video - 158.84 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Eli Yablonovitch, The Opto-Electronic Physics Which Just Broke the Efficiency Record in Solar Cells (1016.41 KB)
[video - 121.52 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Connie Chang-Hasnain, Fast MEMS Tunable VCSELs with High-Contrast Grating Mirrors (12.11 MB)
[video - 146.68 MB]   PDF FormatProf. David A. Horsley, Optical Beamsteering Using a MEMS Optical Phased Array (8.37 MB)
[video - 145.21 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Vladimir Stojanovic, Silicon photonics for VLSI systems (14.32 MB)
[video - 118.79 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Laura Waller, Computational 3D Phase Imaging (9.7 MB)
[video - 150.28 MB]   PDF FormatProf. Costas P. Grigoropoulos, Laser-Enabled Materials Processing and Directed Nanomanufacturing (39.33 MB)
[video - 173.27 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Eric Mounier Yole, Developpement - Silicon Photonics, a Market Perspective (5.02 MB)


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