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Wednesday March 7 2007, Directions & Trends Session

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Introduction to the Meeting (626.68 KB)
PDF FormatMing Wu, Optofluidic Materials (986.73 KB)
PDF FormatDavid Horsley, Fabrication of Nanostructured Optics via Nanoimprint Lithography (719.88 KB)
PDF FormatJeff Bokor, Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley Labs (2.85 MB)
PDF FormatLiwei Lin, Nanotubes and Nanowires for MEMS (3.04 MB)
PDF FormatTsu-Jae King Liu, Sustaining the Revolution: Silicon is Still "King" (913.52 KB)
PDF FormatVivek Subramanian, Printed Electronics for Low-Cost Tagging, Display, and Sensing (597.27 KB)
PDF FormatAli Javey, Synthetic Nanomaterials for Novel Electronic Applications (980.68 KB)
PDF FormatClark Nguyen, High-Q Nickel Structural Material for Post-Transistor Integration of Vibrating RF MEMS (2.87 MB)

Thursday March 8 2007, Technical Presentations

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, Introduction to the Session (784.38 KB)
PDF FormatTanner Nevill, Nanocavity Network-Based Impedance Sensor for Molecular Diagnostics (662.35 KB)
PDF FormatAvinash Kane, Passive Microfluidic Mixers (335.79 KB)
PDF FormatMorning Poster Preview Pitches (2.03 MB)
PDF FormatArash Jamshidi, Parallel manipulation of single nanowires using optoelectronic tweezers (434.94 KB)
PDF FormatInkyu Park, Chemical Sensing Using Field Effects on Nanowires (906.37 KB)
PDF FormatDavid Breslauer, Biologically-inspired Fiber Spinning (1.11 MB)
PDF FormatBrian Sosnowchik, Rapid Synthesis of CNTs via Inductive Heating (677.06 KB)
PDF FormatLei Luo, ZnO Nanowire Photodetectors (1.23 MB)
PDF FormatAfternoon Poster Preview Pitches (2.15 MB)
PDF FormatSubramaniam Venkatraman, Wireless MEMS for animal motion monitoring (370.68 KB)
PDF FormatClark Nguyen, Mechanical MEMS Circuits (1.93 MB)
PDF FormatLi-Wen Hung, Intermodulation Distortion in VHF Micromechanical Resonators and Filters (465.38 KB)
PDF FormatKarl Skucha, High Sensitivity Thin-Film CMOS Magnetic Field Imaging System (263.53 KB)
PDF FormatBabak Jamshidi, Harsh-Environment Capacitive Micromachined Strain Gauge (420.22 KB)

Friday March 9 2007, Wireless Sensor Networks Workshop

PDF FormatStreetline Networks (Mark Noworolski) (1.06 MB)
PDF FormatCoronis Systems (Jeff Braid) (767.28 KB)
PDF FormatHistory & State of the Technology & Standards (Kris Pister) (1.74 MB)
PDF FormatAdura (Charlie Huizenga) (292.69 KB)
PDF FormatCrossbow (Michael Dierks) (489.29 KB)
PDF FormatMoteiv (Joe Polastre) (871.25 KB)
PDF FormatPirelli/Telecom Italia (Claudio Borean) (1014.22 KB)


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