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Monday Mar 7 2005, Directions & Trends Session

PDF FormatExecutive Director John Huggins, Introduction to the session (306.62 KB)
PDF FormatProfessor Albert Pisano, "Micro and Nano Technologies for Automotive Research" (1.58 MB)
PDF FormatJim Misener, "Technology Trends for Automotive Safety" (3.1 MB)
PDF FormatMatthias Metz, "Trends in Automotive Sensors" (19.81 MB)
PDF FormatKristof S.J. Pister. "Wireless Sensor Networks: Real and Imagined" (3.23 MB)
PDF FormatRichard Leifer, "Radical Innovation and BSAC: Increasing the Chances of Tech Transfer" (503.32 KB)

Tuesday Mar 8 2005, Technical Presentations

PDF FormatMing Wu, New Directions in Optoelectronics at BSAC (932.64 KB)
PDF FormatJohn Huggins, "Introduction to the Session" (2.07 MB)
PDF FormatMatt Last, "Silicon-on-Insulator Microassembly" (1.55 MB)
PDF FormatJay Kim, "Basic Elements of Integrated Quantum Nanoplasmonics for Biophotonics" (2.53 MB)
PDF FormatProfessor Al Pisano & Prof. Ming Wu, Research Overview: Morning Posters (11.28 MB)
PDF FormatMuthu Wijesundara, "Silicon Carbide TAPS Sensors for Extreme Harsh Environments" (1 MB)
PDF FormatBill Flounders, Microlab Update (1.28 MB)
PDF FormatProfessor Kris Pister, Special (Lunchtime) Late Posters Summary (1 MB)
PDF FormatEric Chiou, "Interactive Control of Optoelectronic Tweezers" (2.37 MB)
PDF FormatJin Yao (Mark Lee), "MEMS-actuated Tunable Optical Microdisk Resonators" (1.24 MB)
PDF FormatNoel Arellano, "Nanowire Coupled Resonator Arrays" (508.55 KB)
PDF FormatProfessor Ming Wu, Micro Photonics & Adaptive Optics Poster Preview (3.28 MB)
PDF FormatProfessor Roger Howe, Research Overview: Afternoon Posters (6.69 MB)
PDF FormatJosh Heppner, "ARCTIC: A Rotary Compressor Thermally Insulated Microcooler" (5.68 MB)
PDF FormatFiras Sammoura, "Plastic 3-D W-Band Waveguides & Iris Filters" (2 MB)
PDF FormatFrank Zendejas, "Diatom-Inspired Microfluidic Generation of Tunable Emulsions for Macroporous Silica" (2.53 MB)
PDF FormatDan McCormick, "High Performance MEMS Capacitors for Charge and Non-Contact Electric Field Measurement" (274.47 KB)
PDF FormatKi-Hun Jeong "Biomimetic Microfabricated Compound Eyes" (3.98 MB)


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