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Directions & Trends Session Spring 2004

PDF FormatJohn Huggins, BSAC Executive Director: "Berkeley: A Wireless Megacenter" (209.84 KB)
PDF FormatJan Rabaey, EECS, Scientific Director, Berkeley Wireless Research Center; Director Gigascale Systems Research Center; and BSAC Affiliate Faculty: "From Cognitive Radios over Millimeter Wave to PicoRad (5.94 MB)
PDF FormatAnant Sahai, EECS, Berkeley Wireless Foundations: "Distributed Signal Processing for Sensor Networks" (779.09 KB)
PDF FormatDavid Culler, EECS, and BSAC Affiliate Faculty: "Experience With Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks (and) Why Sensor Design is Missing the Mark" (1.75 MB)
PDF FormatJ. Stephen Smith, EECS, and BSAC Affiliate Faculty: "RF ID Tags and Fluidic Self Assembly as an RFID Manufacturing Breakthrough" (618.3 KB)
PDF FormatRoger Howe, EECS Associate Chair, and BSAC co-Director: "MEMS for Wireless: Processes to Systems" (8.69 MB)

Technical Presentations Spring 2004

PDF FormatJohn Huggins: BSAC Fall 2003 IAB Summary (1.02 MB)
PDF FormatBrian S. Leibowitz: CMOS Imaging Receivers for Free Space Optical Communication (555.14 KB)
PDF FormatProfessor Albert ('Al') P. Pisano, Ph.D.: Morning BSAC Research Overview (8.07 MB)
PDF FormatProfessor Albert ('Al') P. Pisano, Ph.D.: Morning BSAC Research Overview (175.12 KB)
PDF FormatEmmanuel P. Quevy: Damascene Process for Integrated Poly-SiGe RF MEMS resonators (669.39 KB)
PDF FormatEmmanuel P. Quévy: Damascene Process for Integrated Poly-SiGe RF MEMS resonators (591.11 KB)
PDF FormatVladimir P. Petkov: A Fourth-Order Interface for Micromachined Inertial Sensors (233.33 KB)
PDF FormatProfessor David Horsley: Optical MEMS: Devices to Systems (642.4 KB)
PDF FormatProfessor Dorian Liepmann: Biomedical Applications for MEMS Research Directions in BioMEMS (2.44 MB)
PDF FormatProfessor Ellis Meng: Development of Integrated Parylene Microfluidics for Biological Applications (2.44 MB)
PDF FormatDaniel T. McCormick: Minimally Invasive MEMS Based Optical Coherence Tomography for in-vivo Imaging (2.44 MB)
PDF FormatBernhard E. Boser: ImmunoSensor (1.34 MB)
PDF FormatJustin Black: Portable Monitor for Airborne Particulates (1.28 MB)
PDF FormatBlake Lin: Selectively Addressed MEMS Deformable-Mirror Arrays for Adaptive Optics (913.67 KB)
PDF FormatBennett Sprague: Flame Quenching in Millimeter-Sized Combustion Chambers (913.67 KB)
PDF FormatBill Flounders: Update from the UC Berkeley Microfabrication Laboratory Etching Capabilities and Overview “A Sketch of Etch” (869.1 KB)
PDF FormatPaul J. Hung: "Bio-Inspired Optical Sensing System (BOSS)" (11.76 MB)


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