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NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices

BPN790: Low Power Microheater-Based Platform for Gas Sensing

Project ID BPN790
Start Date Tue 2015-Feb-03 17:22:09
Last Updated Mon 2017-Jan-30 12:47:13
Abstract Detection of toxic air pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and formaldehyde is of critical importance to public health, industry, and the environment. Since these toxic gases are commonly generated from combustion or automotive emissions, there is a need for high-performance sensors that are capable of detecting low concentrations of toxic gases in air rapidly, accurately, and reliably. This work reports the integration of nanostructured materials on a microheater-based sensing platform to achieve fast, sensitive, selective, and stable gas sensing. We have developed a sensitive CO sensor by in situ synthesis of porous SnO2 films on a low power microheater. The sensor can detect 10 ppm CO with fast response and recovery times at low temperature. By integrating 3D plasma-treated MoS2 aerogels on the low power microheater, the sensor exhibits a detection limit of 50 ppb NO2 at both room temperature (0.1 mW power consumption) and 200 C (~4 mW power consumption) while showing negligible response to CO and H2. Using hierarchical ZnCo2O4 microstructures on the low power microheater, the sensor can detect 3 ppb formaldehyde with good selectivity. Current work is focused on better understanding the sensing behavior of these sensors.
Status Continuing
Funding Source Industry
IAB Research Area NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices
Researcher(s) Wenjun Yan, Leslie Chan, David Gardner
Advisor(s) Roya Maboudian, Carlo Carraro
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