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Wireless, RF & Smart Dust

BPN592: Workshop: Hands-On Intro to Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networking

Project ID BPN592
Start Date Mon 2010-Aug-16 21:37:10
Last Updated Tue 2010-Aug-17 13:04:24
Abstract This IAB we have prepared a half-day tech-transfer workshop for industrial members teaching background, fundamentals, advantages and limitations associated with standards-based low-power sensor networks. Open standards are important because they allow technologies to gain traction and industries to blossom. Open-source reference implementations take things one step further. Because standard protocols invariably allow optional configurations, a reference implementation gives people a concrete example of how to get started. The proposed IEEE802.15.4e standard prescribes time synchronization and channel hopping, two features which form a more reliable foundation for upper- layer network enhancements. In addition, the IETF 6LoWPAN standard specifies how to connect sensor networks to the Internet, and the proposed RPL standard allows messages to reliably multi-hop their way through a mesh. In this workshop, attendees will receive a take-home kit of motes based on a wireless sensor board which we have dubbed the Guidance & Inertial Navigation Assistant (GINA). The kit includes the GINA mote plus its surrounding eco-system (a set of four boards in total), enabling Industrial Members to experiment with the new open-source reference implementation of the protocols with their own sensors and in their own laboratories when they return to their companies after the workshop.
Status New
Funding Source Industry
IAB Research Area Wireless, RF & Smart Dust
Researcher(s) Dr. Anita Flynn, Dr. Thomas Watteyne, Leo Keselman
Advisor(s) Kristofer S.J. Pister
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