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Visiting Industrial Fellows
David Gardner, Ph.D. 2021

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Maboudian

B.S. Iowa State University, 2016

Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Highly Tunable Class of Materials for Chemical Sensing with High Selectivity [BPN876]
A classic challenge in gas sensing is tunability of sensing material to suit the specific application. A new class of materials, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), can take on thousands of forms, each with unique properties. Metal-organic frameworks are comprised of metal-cluster nodes connected by organic linkers. Changing the metal cluster or the organic linker can modulate the sensing response by at least two mechanisms: one, the metal cluster determines what gasses can bind to the material, and second, the length and functional groups of the organic linker control which gasses can enter the MOF. Guest molecules diffuse through the material and modulate the MOF’s surface potential, which can be sensed by a device, such as CS- FET (developed by Dr. Hossain Fahad and Prof. Ali Javey). We have recently achieved conformal coverage of the device with the MOF sensing material using a layer-by-layer growth method, where the device is alternately exposed to the metal component and organic component. The gas sensing performance of the device is investigated and found to be sensitive to acidic gasses, e.g. NO2. The layer-by-layer approach is applicable to a wide variety of MOF materials, providing opportunities to tailor the gas sensing characteristics of the device.

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